Best Acting Courses

Best Bollywood Acting School in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Acting course in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Acting classes in Pune , Mumbai, India

The actor is the living, breathing embodiment of every effort that goes into making a film work. The performances you see on screen can either brilliantly uphold the work that goes into filmmaking, or burn it to the ground. By that virtue, actors become the most important part of the film crew, and thus a great responsibility is invested in nurturing good acting talent in the Acting and Performance Arts programme.

For students interested in pursuing a career in acting, the course will take them through the physicality one needs to master to become an actor ━ postures, muscle technique and movement. They will be trained in the art of mastering diction and dialects as well as modulating their voice to great effect. They will be taught to understand the nuances of dialogues and execute them to proper measure.

Our acting course is meant to help you get over your inhibitions , to de limit your imagination & to open up to a whole gamut of personalities within yourself. At RC Film Institute you get a chance to learn the nuances of the art of acting and performing through traditional & modern techniques.

Basics of Acting


Action Problems

Orientation to The World of Cinema

Playback and Lip Sync

Improvisation & Dubbing

Body Language

Scenes & Character Study

Expression Exercise

Yoga and Meditation

Diction, Voice Culture & Voice Analysis

Exercises for Observation & Imagination

Vital Skills & Personality Enhancement

The art of communication

Acting Therapy




Realizing Potentials

Best Cinematography Courses

Best Cinematography School in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Cinematography course in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Cinematography classes in Pune , Mumbai, India

A Cinematography plays a very important role in the process of film making. His job is to convey the perspective of the Director to the audience effectively. The Course aims to give the student a thorough training in every required aspect of Cinematography ,including Introduction to different cameras, their functions, lighting, camera angles & movements etc.

The Digital Cinematography Course is aimed at students who wish to pursue a career in the Camera department of digitally produced feature films, documentaries, commercials and short films. The course focuses on developing the cinematic eye of the student and equips him or her with the necessary skills to tackle demanding professional jobs.

The students get theoretical as well as practical inputs on key skills that are required for Digital Cinematography such as:

Using light & spot meters

Understanding natural light

Using artificial lights

Understanding lenses and lensing

Shooting for documentary

Shooting for fiction

Shooting for mixed form

Understanding screenplays

Understanding mise-en-scene

Lighting for small & multi- character set ups

Shooting with track, trolley and crane

IUnderstanding standard post production workflows

Digital Inter-negative and colour correction processes

Production planning with lights & light boys

Best Photography Courses

Best Bollywood Photography School in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Photography course in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Photography classes in Pune , Mumbai, India

Photography is the most popular medium that captures life as goes by. Travelling, visiting a new place, important events and tender moments; every time such incidents come up one surely feels like capturing it for posterity. A pictured shared with someone dear to you living somewhere else or simply putting your favourite picture framed in your drawing room can give you a distinct identity. But the challenge of taking a good photograph is not just being there at that very moment; it’s also about aesthetically evocative composition and choosing technically sound exposure setting and shutter speed. One has to understand the magical interplay of light, shadow and colour to create magic in a frame.

The students get theoretical as well as technical inputs on key skills that are required for Photography such as

Develop the inner eye


Visual Sense


Interplay of light

In depth understanding of DSLR camera

Best Film Making Courses

Best Bollywood Film Making School in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Film Making course in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Film Making classes in Pune , Mumbai, India

RC Film Institute offers a one year Diploma Programme in Film Making (Visual & Creative Communication) for those who desire to make a career in Direction, Production, Editing, Sound Editing, Script-Writing and Cinematography. This is a one year programme which emphasizes on enhancing the skills of the students in Visual & Creative Communication. The students will choose a core area and will specialize in the same.

Diploma in Film Making through RC Film Institute School of Film and Television is recognized by India. At the RC Film Institute Students will:

The students get theoretical as well as practical inputs on key skills that are required for Digital Cinematography such as:

Learn about TV and film history, as well as the latest in new media developments

Develop advanced editing, audio, cinematography, and lighting skills

Develop and pitch entertainment concepts

Create scripts and storyboards, and develop characters and dialogue

Build, shoot, and strike film sets and direct actors

Work with diverse digital video cameras and use a camera

Create and showcase a portfolio of work from development to post-production (including a short documentary, narrative film and a final project that is festival and distribution ready)

Navigate domestic and international business landscapes in TV and film, including mobile, web and video on demand

Best Film Direction Courses

Best Bollywood Film Direction School in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Film Direction course in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Film Direction classes in Pune , Mumbai, India

Our Film Direction Course is an intensive program which covers a comprehensive range of film making proficiencies including writing, producing, directing, editing and cinematography. It is designed to allow the student a successful transition from the campus to the world of films, television or video production. The program also includes an option of structured internship for merit holding students. In the program our esteemed faculty guides the students to develop his or her individual style of story telling and film making, with their own sense of narration & perspectives. This course gives insights into Direction of Documentaries , Corporate Films , Ad Films & Music Videos.

Course Outline:

Film History

Image projection

Story Boarding & Ground Planning.

Visual medium: Optical, Analog, Digital

Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production skills

Tools of Screenwriting- Character, Conflict & Structure.

Imagination & Visualization

Visual sense: Frames, Rules of framing and composition

Types of shots & angles, Camera movements.

Depth of Field, Perspective.

Understand lighting & Composition.

ontinuity of Space & Time.

Pre production for Director: Charts, Shooting script, Shot division, Master shot, Insert

Concept of Misc-en-Scene.

Casting and working with Actors

Vocabulary & Jargonused in the Film Industry

Production Design, Sound Design and handling Post-production

Documentary Films / Music-video / Ad-films

Insights about marketing, distribution & career development in Films and TV.Film Appreciation & Analysis.

Best Modelling Courses

Best Bollywood Modelling School in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Dance Modelling in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Modelling classes in Pune , Mumbai, India

An unforeseen boom in the ad and fashion industry has created a huge and continual demand for fresh models. Every company needs glamorous models to start and endorse a variety of products or to flash the creations of fashion designers. Moreover modelling is a very alluring field with innumerable opportunities to travel and earn handsome money. Models also get to meet people from different walks of life. An established model can get a handsome pay for every assignment they do. All these aspects have made modelling a desirable, attractive and lucrative career for the youth in our county.

Modelling can be roughly categorised into print modelling, ramp modelling and television modelling.

This course aims to train young persons in the various aspects connected with fashion as well as other areas of - modelling, grooming, personality projection, make-up and styling, back stage management, portfolio development, fitness, etc.

Ramp walk Lessons and Runway Training:

Our practical runway classes will have lecture on walking like a professional model.

Learn the latest trends in runway/fashion parades.

Ramp walk lessons will cover choreographed routines, model turns and perfecting the model walk.

Our runway classes will finish with one's participation in a real fashion parade!.

Learn from the experts! Our runway training sessions are taught by highly experienced professional Runway Director & Models

Finishing Casses: (HOD / Visiting Faculties):

Practical Make-up/Beauty Sessions.

Deportment, Posture and Body Language.

Fashion and Wardrobe.

Personal Grooming.

Hair Care and Styling.

Social and Business Etiquette.

Speech Enhancement.

Health and Emotional Well-Being.

Approaching Fashion Agencies & Coordinators.

Best Dancing Courses

Best Bollywood Dancing School in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Dance course in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Dancing classes in Pune , Mumbai, India

Top-notch Film Dance School in Pune , Mumbai with never before dancing classes and training.Particular stress and exhaustive training in Bollywood dancing. Besides the orientation in Indian classical dance like Kathak, etc, ITASPA gives a broad knowledge in international dance forms like Salsa, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Flamenco, Ballroom etc.

Whether it is films, television commercial or social functions, dancing has become an integral part of Indian life. No wonder that not only dance related shows are most popular on Indian television, almost every film actor on the big or small screen is expected to be a good dancer as well.

The course will include all the aspects of dancing forms that combine to create the fascinating world of the Bollywood dance.