Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes out today’s peace. We are faced with numerous worries on a daily basis in the various domains of our life- be it our home, workplace or social life.

Anything from loss of a job, chaotic home life, loneliness, financial stress, social anxiety, health worries or even struggles regarding how to deal with perfectionism can cause stress. Online counseling in India has gained popularity as it makes help more accessible across the population. It can help overcome the day to day stress and anxiety experienced by one and all often during our chaotic routine. Counseling for family problems enables us to resolve interpersonal conflicts with our close ones who play an essential role in our life.

Talk To A Counselor About

How to deal with anxiety?

Feeling lonely in a crowd or presence of unfamiliar people?

Not accepted for who you are?

Purpose and passion are hard to figure?

Fear of failure is holding you back?

How to overcome perfectionism?

How to deal with discrimination?

Depression & Tension

General Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Peer Pressure

Pursuit of Happiness


Discrimination & Racism

Financial Stress


Identity Crisis

Online Counseling for Relationships

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Online Counseling for relationships can help couples in overcoming these tough phases in their relationship. Research shows, that our relationships are what we value the most in the later parts of our lives. The quality and longevity of relationships today are usually affected by reasons such as higher expectations, lower emotional touch, less accommodating behavior, or at times even virtual influences such as that of social media. Through relationship counselling services, individuals can develop an understanding and communication between partners. Relationship therapy online is convenient and can prevent relationships from crumbling. relationship counseling can help in bridging the gap between partners. Relationship therapy helps in building healthy and happy relationships which keep one productive in all spheres of their life.

Relationship counseling in India is now becoming popular and widespread among couples who struggle to match their schedules with the therapist for an appointment.

Talk To A Counselor About

Moving on after breakup

Unfaithful or cheating partner

Unhappy in a marriage

Frequent fights and miscommunication

Unfulfilled expectations

Boredom in your relationship

Break Ups

Lack of Trust in Relationships

Falling Out of Love

Build a Fulfilling Marriage

Family Bonds

Dating, Friendship

Comparing your Partner

Self Esteem and Confidence

Best Self Esteem and Confidence Counseling in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Self Esteem and Confidence Counseling in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Happy Life Counselling Services in Pune , Mumbai, India

How to improve self esteem and how to improve self confidence are two commonly asked questions by individuals around the world. Self esteem and confidence are used interchangeably by many, but vary in nature. While self esteem defines your attitude towards yourself by virtue of self-reflection, self confidence deals with how we perceive our abilities in particular situations. A person high on self-esteem may still wonder how to get self confidence during certain events. Therapy for low self esteem helps in achieving personal growth through self love and development which in turn facilitates in building self esteem. Self esteem group counseling can also help in improving self esteem. Self esteem therapy provides individuals with ways to improve self esteem. Self esteem group activities help in overcoming low self esteem.

Talk To A Counselor About

Challenges faced during public speaking

Performance pressure

Self doubt

Stress experienced while trying to gain acceptance

Loss of our own happiness while trying to please others

Enhance Confidence

Interaction with Opposite Sex

Overcome Self-Doubt

Personality Development

Inferiority Complex

Impact on Relationships

Dealing with Stress at Work

Best Dealing with Stress at Work Counseling in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Dealing with Stress at Work Counseling in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Happy Life Counselling Services in Pune , Mumbai, India

Any job can have stressful elements or phases, even if we love what we do. In the short-term, we may experience pressure to meet a deadline or to fulfill a challenging obligation. But dealing with stress at work of chronic nature such as job insecurity can be overwhelming and harmful to both physical and emotional health. De-stressing is crucial to performing to our potential. Let’s learn how stress-at-work counseling helps us manage distress!

Talk To A Counselor About

Is work life balance hard to strike?

Are you worrying about finding a job?

Do you think others are more successful?

Is appraisal or promotion bothering you?

How to deal with work stress?

Do you lack motivation to work?

Does your boss get on your nerve?

Discomforting Work Environment

Tough Boss


Collaboration And Teamwork

Balancing Work and Personal Life


Lack Of Job Satisfaction

Feeling Lonely


Identity Crisis

Appraisal and Promotion


Interaction with Opposite Sex

Best Interaction with Opposite Sex in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Interaction with Opposite Sex in Pune , Mumbai, India | Happy Life Counselling Services in Pune , Mumbai, India

Often we perceive more than just biological differences between the two sexes. Both males and females see the opposite sex as an alien species which seems fascinating to them yet mysterious. As children when the differences of the sexes are still to be registered we tend to easily approach and interact with our opposite sex peers but as we grow up we develop our apprehensions.

Striking conversations or maintaining relationships with people of the opposite sex may not come naturally to all of us. Though, there are significant differences in the mannerisms, behaviour and emotional patterns of the opposite sex one needs to remember that they are individualistic. The probabilities of spotting differences may be same as that of spotting similarities, once two individuals of the same or the opposite sex start interacting.

Cheating in Relationship

Best Counselling for Cheating in Relationship in Pune , Mumbai, India | Happy Life Counselling Services in Pune , Mumbai, India

Cheating in a relationship is a devastating and an emotionally painful experience. A breach of trust in a relationship feels unbearable. Many couples part ways and marriages get torn apart due to infidelity. It is hard to imagine that something like this could actually happen to us and first and foremost there is a feeling of shock that someone we loved so dearly and envisioned our future with could betray our trust and shatter it in such a brutal manner.

Signs and symptoms of Infidelity :

Increased social activities

Being private about their phone

Frequent change of passwords

Changes in desire for intimacy

Change in attitude and appearance

Defensiveness when questioned about whereabouts

Beat Addiction

Best Counselling for Beat Addiction in Pune , Mumbai, India | Happy Life Counselling Services in Pune , Mumbai, India

Something that tends to feel pleasurable during its initial times, but grows on to becoming detrimental to our overall well-being is Addiction. It enslaves our minds.

Public health experts say that around 1 in 10 persons is said to be experiencing some or the other form of addiction, and they often are the first ones to acknowledge it, mostly at a subconscious level.

There are various forms of addiction, and it is not something that it limited only to drug consumption/abuse. Alcohol/Drugs, Food (binge eating), Shopping, Sexual Activity, and the Internet (Social Media) are things one can commonly experience an addiction towards.

How a Life Coach can Help:

Provide you with a non-judgemental sense of support while actively listening to your concerns

Acknowledge your cans and can'ts, and how it can impact recovery

Set specific, achievable, realistic, and time-based goals to boost improvement process

Help practice mindfulness based exercises to promote both psychological and physiological wellness

Parenting Advice and Help

Best Parenting Advice and Help in Pune , Mumbai, India | Best Parenting Counselling and Help in Pune , Mumbai, India | Happy Life Counselling Services in Pune , Mumbai, India

The love between the couple is the real cradle that holds the baby”- Julie Gottman. Child upbringing is a process that goes on from infancy to adulthood; it involves promoting and supporting the physical, social, financial, emotional and intellectual developments. From talking and reading to infants to inculcating values in a child, parents play a great role in the life of a child. In a rapidly changing world parenting is subject to fads and changing trends. It is rightly said that a child comes to this world like a blank slate, therefore it is important that parents give their children a good start by providing them with unconditional love and nurturing them with acceptance. Counseling for single parents in India or outside India gives support to those struggling with the challenges of parenting- all alone.

Signs and symptoms of Infidelity :

Happy couples have confident kids.

Yes! Being a single parent is enough.

Worried about your child making wrong choices?

Comparison won’t help your child, acceptance would!

Pressure of being a perfect parent.

Parental Pressures

Working Parents

Separation Anxiety

Achieving Milestones

Comparison And Competition

Couple Dynamics And Child-Care

Communicating With Children

Single Parent

Generation Gap & Social Media

Child with Special Needs

Fear of Wrong Choice

Marriage and Divorce

Best Counselling for Marriage and Divorce in Pune , Mumbai, India | Online Counselling for Marriage and Divorce in Pune , Mumbai, India | Happy Life Counselling Services in Pune , Mumbai, India

It is very common for people on their way to divorce to try a round or two of marriage counseling. Many people don't think that they have "tried" enough to save the marriage unless they have attempted marriage counseling without success ion saving the marriage. What this post discusses is the use of marriage counseling after one of the parties has made the decision that the marriage is over.

Divorce occurs when a marriage does not succeed. The end of a marriage can feel like a relief. It can also be extremely stressful. Even the partner who chooses to leave may feel a range of emotions. They may experience grief, guilt, anger, confusion, fear, shame, and anxiety. If children are involved, the stress of divorce may be more intense.

Emotions of Divorce:

Divorce recovery is a process. Adjusting to changes that occur as a result of a divorce can take time. Part of the process is recognizing that changes will be certain. Newly divorced people will come to realized their lives will be affected.

Suicidal thoughts

Discovering that someone you care about has tried to end their life can be a devastating experience. They will need supporting.

You may initially experience emotions such as shock and denial. Sometimes, those close to the suicidal person blame themselves for what has happened, thinking, “if only I’d watched them more closely”. The fact that someone close to you or a loved one has attempted suicide is not your fault.

Suicidal thoughts can be very frightening. If you do want to end your life, the thoughts and emotions you feel right now probably seem unbearable. Perhaps you feel worthless, like no-one cares about you, or that you're not even worth caring about. Perhaps you feel sadness, anger, shame, self-hate, or complete hopelessness.